Sacred Birthing Journeys

What is a Sacred Birthing Journey?

 If you are attracted to a Sacred Birthing Journey (SBJ), then it is very likely that your soul is guiding you here because she wants you to receive and integrate new soul fragments and/or receive a Grail Code transmission.

A SBJ mainly focuses on supporting your energetic and spiritual structure in the ascension process. The two most important anchor points here are the integration of "new" soul fragments that support your soul structure and the transmission of the Grail Code, which prepares your energetic structure and DNA for the birth of the new consciousness. For the duration of this experience you will be in an (energetic) initiation chamber whose frequency enables these integration processes.

During the session we clarify questions such as

  •     where do you come from
  •     what incarnations have you had on this planet or others
  •     which of these are important to remember today
  •     are there things from other lives that require healing or releasing (e.g. implants, retrieving soul fragments, releasing  old contracts, oaths, vows, etc.)
  •     what is your purpose in this incarnation
  •     which topics are important for you in this life
  •     who accompanies you from the higher dimensions (angels, masters, beings of light, ETs, etc.)
  •     does your soul want a Grail Code transmission for you
  •     are soul fragments  waiting to be integrated into your soul structure
  •     and everything else that's burning on your mind

We will also interview your Higher Self about your Light Body Process (LBP), which is of utmost importance for your Ascension. Your light body is the etheric-energetic structure that holds your consciousness. The Grail Code is an ancient Light Code that was brought to this planet from Sirius B. to support our DNA in the birthing process of a new consciousness - SophiaChrist Consciousness (SCC). Details of the Grail Code can be found in the section "Grail Code Alchemy" on this page. For the process of Ascension it can be just as important to receive further soul fragments. To learn more about soul fragments read my blog post here.

An SBJ can be done in person or online via zoom. Plan about 3 hours for a SBJ to give time for pre- and post-talk.

Who can go on a Sacred Birthing Journey?

Anyone over 16 who has not been diagnosed with a mental disorder and who is not taking medication for depression or anxiety can have such a session. Clients who are younger than 16 years of age and wish to receive the Grail Code transmission can receive a channeled transmission from a distance, although for most people in this age group this light code is already activated in their DNA. If you are unsure, write to me and I will gladly ask my spirit guides for feedback.

How to prepare for a Sacred Birthing Journey?

The preparation process for a Sacred Birthing Journey is similar to that for QHHT sessions, so please read the relevant section on the website. I also recommend that you prepare for the session with a 3-day detox, during which you eat clean (preferably vegan), avoid all alcohol, reduce your caffeine intake, and drink plenty of water. And I really mean lots of water. If you have the opportunity, salt baths are also a good preparation.

While most clients feel energized and blissful after the session, some clients have responded to the transmission with headaches and mild nausea. The guides have told me that some of these painful experiences have to do with subconscious resistance or fear of the new consciousness. I make every effort to negotiate with the Higher Self in the session to ensure that everything is done to facilitate integration, but it is ultimately up to the client to decide how open s/he is to accept this gift. Perhaps you would like to put this in writing the morning before the session? "I am happy and look forward to receiving the Grail Code and welcoming the birth of a new consciousness in my Self and my life"!

Please bring a list of questions regarding your life, your ascension and your health to the session.

And after the session?

In receiving instructions from The Sophia Collective it was suggested that clients practice the activation of the lightbody which can ease and accelerate the integration. They said it would be beneficial to practice a kind of gentle prana breathing, much like what is practiced in Kundalini Yoga and similiar to what Tom Kenyon has channeled from the Hathors. In addition, we should daily practice the merkaba activation meditation. I was shown this technique many years ago and I believe it was originally taught by Drunvalo, but I'm not even sure. I share these techniques as I have learned them with my clients but always suggest to them that they listen closely to their body and Higher Self guidance for possible other means of support!
If you would like to continue working with me after a Sacred Birthing Journey, you have the option of booking five one-hour Mentoring sessions at a reduced price. If bought as a package, you have twelve months to use them, but they can be booked individually as well, and can also be conducted in short sessions of 30 minutes. You can find more information here.

Energy exchange & Booking

The cost for a Sacred Birthing Journey is €444.

Upon scheduling our session, a non refundable downpayment of €144 is due within five work days via Paypal. The other €300 are due in cash at the day of your session in case of a live session.

In case of a remote session, the €444 are due in full upon scheduling. Should you need to miss your session for any reason, I will refund you €300 and keep €144 as downpayment.


Couples or Friends Special: €400/per person.


Sessions are held in my home in the southwestern countryside of Germany, but I also take Soultalks on the road. For example, I frequently offer sessions in Hamburg and in Bruchsal near Karlsruhe. Should you be interested in a session in any of these locations, please mention this in your message.


If you live far away from me, there is always the option to plan for a weekend retreat if you find three individuals with interest in a session. You can find more information on this in the "Retreats" section in the navigation bar.


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