Sacred Journey Mentorings

 Mentoring is a kind of spiritual guidance. The goal of a mentoring is ever greater clarity, followed by a resulting expansion of consciousness, which ultimately liberates you and allows you to grow faster towards your Higher Self.

Mentorings takes place via zoom or by telephone.

You come with questions or topics and I support you in uncovering and transforming the hidden programs and patterns (shadow work).

As I bring all my tools to the table, a mentoring can take many forms:

  •     energetic cleaning/working on yourself and your energy body
  •     use of the platonic bodies on the plane of your astral body
  •     shamanic work, such as retrieving soul fragments, removing implants, releasing blockages, etc.
  •     shadow work
  •     guided inner journeying, e.g. a short sacred journey
  •     channeling for you
  •     and much more that comes from the magical energy we create together

Since the goal of my mentoring is consciousness work, it makes sense to commit to working together for an extended period of time. This is the main reason why I also offer mentorings in packages.

If we work together for a longer period of time, the chemistry must be right and you should have the opportunity to get to know me before you decide to make a commitment. That's why I offer a 30-minute try out session, in which I first work energetically on you (see above), we discuss your needs together, and then we see if and how we continue from there.

For clients who have already had a Sacred Birthing Journey with me - and especially those who have received a GrailCode transmission - I offer 5 one-hour mentoring sessions (or 10 half-hour sessions) within a period of 12 months after the respective session date at a reduced price.

Book a mentoring? Here's how it works:
Choose your preferred option from the list below and send me the appropriate amount in euro via Paypal to: Please use the window that opens at PayPal to leave me a message regarding urgency, desired date and your phone number. I will contact you as soon as possible. International clients I contact by email. If you do not have a PayPal account, please use the contact form to book a session.

Client Feedback

I can recommend Petra's work from the bottom of my heart. She has guided me through the Sacred Journey with incredibly valuable inputs and dream interpretations. I was not aware of how much fantastic information our soul provides while we are resting. Petra has illuminated the many different layers of dreams. This has given me an incredible clarity about the communication between me and my higher self. A seemingly confused dream has a phenomenal expressiveness when it is interpreted with devotion and talent. Petra is an absolute master in this. Every dream makes perfect sense and the insight is anchored deep in the heart and soul.
During a meditation channeled by Petra in the 12 Holy Nights Journey I had an amazing experience. I followed her call and into a deep state of relaxation I received a light code activation, which is only just unfolding and fully developing. Because of the extraordinary deep experience, I asked Petra for a subsequent channeling, in which we received extensive information about our cooperation and the content of the Light Code Activation. Since then, no stone has been left unturned. I recognize and perceive new possibilities. Doors are opening that I had no idea existed. My environment responds differently. So much potential has been awakened and activated. I feel that I am slowly letting myself be guided into the right direction, or rather into the best direction for me. I feel safer, stronger, more powerful and have gained enormous trust in myself. My vibration has increased many times over.

If you are looking for energy work and personality development at the highest level and purity, I can warmly recommend Petra in every situation in life. She is wonderfully powerful, very sensitive and keeps the space and energy for the person she works with in pure love and with great attentiveness.
- Birgit

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