QHHT after Dolores Cannon

What is QHHT?

QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ and describes a method of hypnosis developed by Dolores Cannon in the late 1960s. A trained hypnotherapist, Cannon took regular hypnosis one step further by inducing clients into a state of trance at the Somnambulistic level with the help of visualization. In doing so, Dolores Cannon tapped into a way that not only connected the client with experiences from past lives but also called forth the Higher Self or Collective Consciousness (or The Subsconscious, as she herself called it) to aid the client with guidance by answering questions that could help them better understand and navigate their life's journey.

What can a QHHT session do for you?

A QHHT is a profoundly beautiful experience with transformative powers to help you better understand your life's journey and generate healing on the mental, emotional and physical level.

A session can:

  • answer questions about things that happened in your life and lessons you were to learn from them,
  • provide you with direct guidance regarding your current life situation,
  • give you insights into the root cause of illnesses, accidents or any kinds of challenges you are encountering in your life,
  • help you better understand yourself and why you lead the life you do,
  • answer question you have in regards to your soul family and the relationships in your life,
  • help you find your life purpose,
  • and sooo much more.

To put it bluntly, a QHHT session is a way to bypass the ego to open a space for the Higher Self to come in and lend support where it is needed. While questions are answered, if deemed appropriate, the Higher Self determines what is most important for the individual to know at this point and will take the person to the place and experience in the past that provides insight and healing in a way that is most beneficial at this point. The practitioner is only the guide or interviewer, but it is the client's Higher Guidance that's running the show.

Client Feedback

What QHHT did for me

The most vivid memory I have of my childhood stems from a time when I was around two years old. My parents used to have this large wardrobe in their bedroom that featured a mirror in the middle door, and I recall standing in front of that mirror and staring deeply into my own eyes. There was a sense of being completely puzzled and lost for I seemed to have a vague memory of who or what I was, but I was unable to find that someone or something in my mirror image. The outer form of what I saw just didn't match with what I felt inside. So, I figured I might find it in my eyes and kept staring into them in the mirror, hoping to find "me." I looked down on myself and did not understand. What was this thing I was in? I felt trapped like in a prison, unable to get out. I used to do things ... I used to be free, fly around and relocate instantly to different places, and now I was in this thing that couldn't move very fast and felt so heavy and dense.

It wasn't until I was introduced to Dolores Cannon's work that this all began to make sense. Almost fifty years later!

In my first ever QHHT session I traveled to a place I call Home. There, I swam with dolphins and met the elders of my kin who helped me unravel the mystery of my life purpose and what was blocking my fulfilling it by showing me a lifetime in which the seed for this life was planted. I was given a lot of specific guidance, physical healing was administered and ... well, the greatest gift, however, I received from this session was that FINALLY my whole life and the whole ME was making sense. Finally realizing who and what I was and why I was here brought the deepest possible peace to my heart. It was as if I had found "official confirmation" that I was not a crazy lunatic that never fit in anywhere but that there was a higher purpose in everything I had experienced all my life. My sensitivity to noise, smells, and certain energies. The way I perceived the world around me and viewed life on this planet. The way I received input, insights and also the way I advanced on my life path. The things I had done, not done, and more so done to myself out of sheer despair for wanting to leave this place. It all fell into place now within myself, and I was finally free to do what needed to be done. This all brought me to this moment where all I can think of is something my Sufi teacher once said: "Freedom comes when we fulfill our purpose."

Who can have a QHHT session?

Anyone who is at least 18 years of age and is not diagnosed with schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder and/or is not currently taking any anti-depressant medications.

How to prepare for a session?

Most of all, you should bring plenty of time. A QHHT session will last at least 4 to 5 hours but can also go longer. The actual trance state, however, will last no longer than 2 hours.

You will please bring a list of questions to your session. Everything you want to have answered about yourself, your life, your future ... if you could talk to God, what would you want to know? It can be helpful to prepare yourself for the session so you arrive here in a calm, open state. Please understand that nobody is doing the healing here but you. I am just your guide on the journey, but essentially you are healing yourself. The more open you can be to this notion, the better the session will be for you. Your openness, determination and willingness to step into becoming more deeply and profoundly who you are meant to be on all levels will determine the outcome of our time together.


After an extensive talk in which I get to know you as best as I can in this short period of time, you will spend the actual session in a comfortable position on your back on a couch or bed, much like you would be at home in your bed. Please bring comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to ensure that nothing bothers you during the session. You want to have eaten before you come for your session but not a very heay meal. I will tea, fresh water and some fruits available in case you are hungry right after the session. It might help to meditate in the morning, to go on a walk or whatever your own way of tuning in with yourself and the Divine might be... pray and declare your readiness to move forward. Show your soul and the Divine that you are ready. It will be heard!


Eat light after the session, and make sure you have a notepad close to you for the next few days. It is my experience that clients continue to stay under the direct guidance of their Higher Self or Soul for several days, and the downloads keep pouring in. They come either through dreams or in waking consciousness. Just make sure you have a way of recording them, as they can significant pointers for you as you move toward your New Life.

My promise to you is that I will do my utmost best to assist you in getting all your questions answered and help you move toward a more fulfilled, happy life. We will work until all your questions are answered and your concerns clarified!

There is more ...

We will be working in a quiet room that is lit by a Himalaya salt lamp and a candle. I consider the space I create and hold for my clients sacred and aim to present it as such. You will meet nothing but understanding, compassion and Love here, and no other person is allowed in the room with us while we work. I will record the session - not the interview - and send you the recording via email within the next 12 hours. It is advisable to listen to the recording at least once a day for the next 3 days and then once a week for a while.


Also, please know that once you get here, I will ask you to sign a statement that expresses your understanding of the process and frees me of any legal obligations. I am a practitioner of this method, not a doctor, not a naturopath and no therapist, rather I see myself as a guide who is aiding you on your way toward connecting with your own Light/Soul. Please know that anything said or heard in the room during our session is safe with me and protected by confidentiality. You are taking a QHHT session at your own risk, but also know that the Higher Self never gives us anything we cannot handle - not you and not me!


One should not be driving after having had a QHHT session. Thus, should you be required to travel to my place from far, I suggest you grant yourself the time and space and find accomodation nearby and stay for the night. This way, you avoid driving and you have some down time to yourself to integrate what you experienced.

A word about hypnosis

Exactly how it works - NOT!

Many people believe that in hypnosis one is "completely gone." This is not the case. Although the method Dolores Cannon has developed takes clients past the commonly practiced Alpha brain waves state, most people have a clear recollection of their QHHT session and remember most of what was said. Naturally, this is also due to the rising collective consciousness we currently experience on this planet.

Energy exchange & Booking

The cost for a QHHT session is €444.

Upon scheduling our session, a non refundable downpayment of €144 is due within five work days via Paypal. The €300 are due in cash at the day of your session.


Couple/friends special: €400/person


Repeat sessions are €300.


Sessions are held in my home in the southwestern countryside of Germany, but I also take Soultalks on the road. For example, I frequently offer sessions in Hamburg and in Bruchsal near Karlsruhe. Should you be interested in a session in any of these locations, please mention this in your message.


If you live far away from me, there is always the option to plan for a weekend retreat if you find three individuals with interest in a session. You can find more information on this in the "Retreats" section in the navigation bar.


To book a session, please use the contact form below. Thanks!

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