About Me                                                      ...and how I received the Grail Code

The Story

A visit to Stonehenge in August 2019 transformed everything - me, my life and therefore my work. 


The night before I set foot onto Stonehenge for the first time in this life, I channeled my Higher Self under QHHT hypnosis, announcing that something important would happen the following day. When I entered the inner circle of Stonehenge the next morning, the stones spoke to me, clear images from the past appeared to me and I experienced everything as if in deep trance. I had already forgotten (or repressed) what had been said the night before. After Stonehenge, the group with which I had participated in the training for the QHHT Level 2 certification in Oxford also visited Avebury, where I had a very similar experience. The morning after our visits to the two ancient and very sacred power sites, a crop circle was discovered not far from Avebury. When I saw the first photos of it, my heart almost stopped.


The symbol that made up the crop circle ... I had seen it before. Years ago, I was given an image of it in meditation and its meaning was more than clear to me. Since I was still in the U.K., I of course had to visit the crop circle, and  a few days later I found myself deeply touched while walking over bent straws on a hill near Etchilhampton Hill together with my friend Ruth. In the middle of the crop circle I made an extraordinary discovery and after leaving that field on that day, I was no longer the same person. Despite all the mystical and magical experiences, I could not really understand the full scope, let alone appreciate the depth and extent of what had happened. 


Only when some of the clients I worked with in the following weeks complained about headaches and other strange phenomena did I become suspicious. My Higher Self had also asked me to practice channeling, so with Ruth's help I started training, because answers were needed! Over a period of three months it gradually became apparent that my system was now transmitting a light code that supported the birth of a new consciousness. Ah, we thought, this is about Christ Consciousness. No, was the answer: Sophia Christ Consciousness. 


Oh, sure. No big deal, right?  (uffff).


The truly mystical experiences in life often only make sense in retrospect, and so in the months that followed many pieces of the puzzle would fall into place. The first activation while reading Elisabeth Haich's classic "Initiation", a visit to Cornwall which opened my crown chakra to prepare me for a mystical experience at the foot of the Glastonbury Tor a few days later, all this and much more now magically came together... and the fact that I belong to an ancient Sufi tradition and that my teacher spoke of the Divine Feminine twenty years ago already and basically outlined my entire path in his teachings suddenly appeared in a whole new light. 


At the time of this writing, I have now been serving as a transmitter of the Grail Code for six months and I find myself in the midst of what feels like a tremendous transformation. Whether I will give birth to the new consciousness, I will only know in a few months; until then I trust that I am well guided in this work and that I'm found by exactly those people for whom the code is important. I look forward to each new encounter, and even more to the changes I have already seen in some of the recipients. The transmissions and channeling of the Sophia collective are getting easier and easier and I'm no longer dead tired after a transmission. And the next level has already been announced!

About Petra ... or better yet Paghora Rej

Clients and friends keep telling me that they want to see pictures of me on this site. I'm not a fan of "professional" pictures, as I find most of them fake and one-sided in nature. So, here is a taste of the multi-facetted real me that also includes some of my close friends for whom I'm incredibly grateful!

Born in the southwestern countryside of Germany, the most vivid memory I have of my childhood reaches back to a time when I was around two years old. My parents used to have this large wardrobe in their bedroom that featured a mirror covering the middle door, and I recall standing in front of that mirror and staring deeply into my own eyes. There was a sense of being completely puzzled and lost for I seemed to have a vague memory of who or what I was, but I was unable to find that someone or something in my mirror image. The outer form of what I saw just didn't match with what I felt inside. So, I reasoned, I might find this "me" in my eyes and kept staring into them in the mirror. I looked down on myself and did not understand. What was this thing I was in? I felt trapped like in a prison, unable to get out. I used to do things ... I used to be free, fly around and relocate instantly to different places, and now I was in this thing that couldn't move very fast and felt so heavy and dense... and looked so strange!

It wasn't until I was introduced to Dolores Cannon's work that this all began to make sense. Almost fifty years later! In between lay decades of inner and outer searching. My spiritiual journey began with a traumatic loss at age 6 and led to my first awakening at 16, followed by another one at 31. As is so often the case with my generation, transformations are triggered by dramatic outer events. So, the last one came at the heels of my life imploding and saw me move to United States where I not only re-connected with my shamanic roots but also met my Sufi teacher. My time in the land of the free initiated a magical, mystical journey of inner growth and liberation for me that came to an abrupt end with my return to Germany. What had been a time of tremendous spiritual expansion in the U.S. now morphed into a time of trials and challenges to test what I had learned on the soil I grew up on. Caring for my ailing parents and helping them transition led to an extensive Dark Night of the Soul.

What manifested as a massive, prolonged burnout was also a mystical period in which the mind was mostly gone and the intuitive faculties were re-adjusted. After nearly three years, I woke up on a whole new level and soon found the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Within a few weeks time, I moved beyond decades of trauma and left my past behind. As we activate our inner creator/manifester and the application of Law of Attraction principles causes magical synchronicities to flow into one's life, my vortex was filled with desire for clarity and a deep longing for service. Hence, it seemed like the natural next step when the life work of Dolores Cannon knocked at my door.

In my first ever QHHT session I traveled to a place I call Home. There, I swam with dolphins and met the elders of my kin who helped me unravel the mystery of my life purpose and what was blocking my fulfilling it by showing me a lifetime in which the seed for this life was planted. I was given a lot of specific guidance, physical healing was administered and ... well, the greatest gift I received from this session, however, was that FINALLY my whole life and the whole ME was making sense. Realizing who and what I was and why I was here brought the deepest possible peace to my heart. It was as if I had found "official confirmation" that I was not a crazy lunatic that never fit in anywhere but that there was a higher purpose in everything I had experienced all my life. My sensitivity to noise, smells, and certain energies. The way I perceived the world around me and viewed life on this planet. The way I received input, insights and also the way I advanced on my life path. The things I had done, not done, and more so done to myself out of sheer despair for wanting to leave this place. It all fell into place now within myself, and I was finally free to do what I had come here to do.


Today, I am a Level 2 certified QHHT practitioner, highly aware of our multidimensional existence, with the ability to hold a high vibrational space for my clients. I find support for my work in Gaia, ascended masters, non-earthly beings as well as the angelic realm and Sacred Geometry. I provide sessions in both German and English.