Sacred Space work

Are you an intuitive empath who struggles to find the right place in this world? Do you feel lost, alone and "different" most of the time? Are you unsure about your life purpose, or perhaps you know your life purpose but you don't know what it means or where to start? Are you ready to make changes in your life and uncover the truth of who and what you are? Are you ready and willing to take full responsbility for your life? Ready to leave victim mode behind once and for all?


Whatever your questions are, the aim of a Sacred Space Session is to support you in finding clarity on any of the issues throwing you off center and to empower you to walk your path with your head held high, in joy and contentment.

A Sacred Space Session is a combination of reading, channeled guidance, profound feminine wisdom and shamanic work; it literally incorporates all the tools I have to offer in your support. Not only will I apply all I got to guide you in the best way possible, I also do what I absolutely do best: I hold the space for your personal transformation to take place. In a guarded sacred space magic can happen. Are you ready?


These sessions can easily be done over Skype or Zoom. So, wherever you are in the world, use the contact form to request a session, we will find a date and time and ... off we go together!

Fee: 90 €/hour.