1-day retreat "Clarity"

The 1-Day Clarity Retreat was born from my QHHT sessions and the clients' needs to receive post-session guidance. Many of my QHHT sessions lasted for six, seven, sometimes eight hours and once the client had gone, I was left with a sense that hanging out for a bit longer and getting more answers to questions after the session might have been beneficial, because oftentimes issues or themes come up that require further exploration. Or the session yields information about a change in life that requires some pondering or guidance. Once I asked the Subconscious in one of my sessions, they suggested that my strength lies in "guiding from a higher place" and that it would be important to most of my clients to receive further support; hence, the idea of the 1-Day Retreat was born.



You will arrive in the morning and we will start the day off with an intense, most likely lengthy interview which will already include quite a bit of coaching. After having a bite to eat, we will have our session and then rest for a little while or go on a walk together. We'll have a nice, healthy meal for supper and then do some more work required. This can take any form of Sacred Spake Work. Ancestral work, meditation, journeying, releasing and much more - or I can channel for you. We will turn in early and meet the next morning for a nice breakfast to discuss the dreams you will likely have had. In those 24 hours we will spent together, we will turn phones and computers off and do deep diving work. You will have my undivided attention, and I will offer you all my wisdom and all the tools I have available to help you find clarity to whatever question you may have.

As with all my QHHT sessions, you cannot be on any mind-altering medication or anti-depressants. In addition, I will ask you to prepare yourself with clean eating and doing without alcohol for several days prior to our meeting. We will record your session and also the channeling(s). These, along with meals, beverages and the overnight stay are included in the fee for the 1-Day Clarity Retreat.

Fee & Traveling:

1-Day Clarity Retreat: 650 €

All Payment in full required upon booking; if cancelled 7 work days prior to date, I will withhold a fee of 150 € and reimburse 500 €; if cancelled until 2 work days prior to date, I will withhold 250 € and no reimbursements for cancellations up to 48 hours prior to date.

- should we meet in a location that is further than 100 km from my home, you will be asked to cover my travel expenses.