WELCOME, fellow traveler!

Soultalks holds the space for several different services I offer, all of which aim at supporting you in your journey to become wholly who you were always meant to be. Thus, the deeper purpose of everything offered through Soultalks is to help you uncover your own truth and path of healing and ultimately reach a place of self-love and sense of liberation from all that binds you. All services described on this page are offered in both English and German.


Past Life Regression connecting with one's Higher Self to answer life questions, receive guidance and relief from physical ailments. Sessions are recorded and last 3-5 hours. 

Sacred space work

Intuitively guided sessions via Zoom or Skype for empaths and intuitives to find clarity and practical answers to current life situations. 1-2 hours.

balance coaching

Hands-on, practical support for those on the verge of a burnout or in the midst of it. 30 min. sessions via Skype. FREE service.