TimeStamp: Lion's Gate Portal - Gateway to Awakening

As if the enormous number of portal days we just have put behind us was not enough, the upcoming constellation carries enormous energetic potential for the current planetary constellation and also for us personally. The Sophia Collective delivered a message last night, which I will relate in full below.


Background: From all I know, the portal opens on July 26 and closes on August 12. The energy peak can be experienced on August 8 (8/8) with the highest influx of light codes flowing from Sirius onto this planet. With the 8-8 constellation, it feels as if this time quality is about merging and melting the two into one, much like an energetic version of the chymical marriage between the masculine and feminine archetypes within the psyche of a person. My sense is that especially those of us, who have received a Grail Code transmission, will experience great potential for the coming together and merging of seemingly opposing aspects of themselves and their lives (within and without), which can lead to greater clarity and much forward movement in enhanced harmony and peaceful alignment with their soul purpose for them.

Wishing us all Love and Light, and much Laughter and Lightness in these times!




Message from The Sophia Collective

The upcoming Lion's Gate Portal marks a pivotal time in the history of the relationship between the work of the Sirian council and the human race. It will be of great importance for many reasons, one of them being that the energies flowing through the portal onto the surface of this planet will not only work in favour of those who are by nature in alignment with the galactic significance of Sirius B, they will also carry the potential to push open the floodgates for the arrival of new, higher consciousness among those who are not yet awakened.

The light codes transmitted through the waves of energy that will flood the planet during this time are such that they can become absorbed by light body structures associated with less conscious humans. Hence, the upcoming portal, which will span well over 15 days, carries great potential for what you call The Great Awakening.

You can support your physical and etheric vehicles in the integration process during this time by eating light foods and drinking as much purified water as you possibly can. With light foods we mean, live foods, less meat and less grains than you normally consume. It also helps to frequently immerse yourself into water by taking baths and showers more often than usual. This helps your system adjust quicker to the energy that carries Sirian light coding, as this coding is written on and transmitted by the crystalline waters of sacred 6th dimensional etheric structures.

For those beautiful souls who have come to this planet for energetic missionary work and are linked with these codes by their very nature, the Lion's Gate portal days will bring about a time of deep re-connection with their true purpose. The time quality carries great potential for positive changes that will take you nearer the place where you need to be when the next wave of ascension modulating events hits in a few months. By then, you no doubt will all be where you need to be in order to fulfil the work you came here for. Events shaping up will likely not be what you expect them to be, but trust that all is well and there is a higher purpose to everything. When we’re saying that events might be different than what you expect, we mean that in a positive way … don’t fret. Liberation has already taken place on the higher planes, and what is playing out on Earth right now is a show directed in such a way that the highest possible number of souls benefit from it through awakening to what is real. 


So, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wanderers … for you the Lion's Gate Portal can bring about a revived and deepened sense of Home. Something in you will remember the energy codes and welcome them gladly into your light body structure. Integration will be quick and without problems if you consciously open up for them, and for you the codes carry higher potential than for the rest of Earth’s population. They can initiate a forward movement for you that can quickly carry you to something new in your life, provided what you desire lies within the range of your soul work and is mostly ego-free. Thus, if you align with your purpose you have a chance for a quickening of your journey toward your Self and the complete remembrance of what it means to be a human being.