Important in the Ascension process: Soulfragments

Already months ago, the Sophia Collective announced in a channeling that the subject of soul fragments would soon become very important. Good, I thought, I know this from shamanic work and I had already included so-called SoulRetrieval (retrieval of soul fragments) here and there in my sessions anyway. So I was quite surprised when one day they presented me something quite unexpected.

Background info: Incarnated with us in the physical body is only a small fraction of our soul, which is basically much bigger and more expansive than we commonly think. The Sophia Collective calls this "the Oversoul" and points out that only 5 to a maximum of 10% of this energetic structure is with our body, while the rest is either in the higher dimension or in parallel existences. It is well known from the shamanic world that in situations of extreme stress or emotional trauma we split off soul fragments from ourselves. This can also happen in another life, even if (or because) we were emotionally very closely connected to something or someone.

Sometimes this can also become a survival mechanism. As mentioned in the biographical text on this page, I had already in my childhood made it a habit of leaving my body to protect myself from external stress that seemed unbearable. Only in exchange with the Sophia Collective I was shown that this pattern is in almost all cases accompanied by the loss of soul fragments. In order to ensure a complete and above all grounded re-integration into the body, these fragments must be retrieved. You can feel it very clearly when you have them "all together again" because the unpleasant state of being foggy and not being here transforms immediately into clarity and centeredness.

Based on these insights, the Collective asked me: So when a person becomes clearer in consciousness by having all the soul fragments with them, what could then be done to help someone move to a new level of consciousness?

Exactly, they are given additional soul fragments.

As we constantly increase our frequency in this process of ascension, it is possible to incarnate higher vibrating fragments of our Oversoul to initiate a leap in consciousness or to stabilize ourselves on the new, higher level. During this special time, many Lightworkers and Starseeds also receive soul fragments from their Spirit Guides, ascended Masters or other Light Beings to lend them support with their work or a specific task.

And, as so often, this was immediately shown to me in practice, because not even three days later I myself landed in an energetically charged sarcophagus and was given the soul fragment of a beloved Ascended Master. The integration process took nearly three weeks and was associated with strange physical symptoms and insane tiredness, especially in the first ten days.

Since then quite a few of my clients have received soul fragments and each time it was a very touching ceremony guided by their Higher Self. The next goal is to guide a small group through such an experience. I am already very excited - this feels like very, very sacred work!