TimeStamp: Solstice reset

In a few days we will experience the most important Sun solstive in centuries. On Sunday June 21st, the sun is at its highest in the Northern Hemisphere, and this time it goes hand in hand with an eclipse. At the same time, the moon is also dark, as there is a new moon on Sunday morning at 8.41 am German time. While the solar eclipse will not be visible in our latitudes, it will have energetic effects. These are quasi intensified by five planets in retrograde (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) which are joined two days later by Neptune. Astrology is absolutely not my hobby, but I know so much that planets in retrograde always invite us to look within, because the power of the respective planet cannot unfold outwardly. So these phases bring with them certain resistances, which are opportunities for us to get rid of everything that prevents us from moving on.

With so much darkness and regression in the cosmic firmament, it should be clear that especially the days leading up to the solstice (and also those afterwards) can be quite intense and therefore also important. The subjects that can now easily be washed to the surface mostly have to do with relationships, with clarification and (self-)forgiveness being the most important cornerstones.

What is important in this time?
The willingness to let go is the key to a new beginning, because the current energetic constellation supports this. It is indeed time for a complete reset, a kind of tabula rasa new beginning. It is absolutely essential that we are ready to take full responsibility for everything we have created so far. The more we are in resistance with what is, the more difficult or frictional it becomes now.

What to do?
Nothing. The energies are working for us. The less resistance we create, the easier it is. We signal our readiness for the new and consciously let go of the old, and connected to this are old programs, patterns, wounds, trauma, etc. that no longer serve us and have merely maintained our victim mentality.

The opportunity that lies in this quality of time for all of us is enormous. It is up to us whether we want to seize it or whether we want to continue to cling to the old, worn-out.

Help is offered here by a very simple but powerful process of separation, in which we get the support of the archangels Michael and Raphael:

  •     close your eyes and breathe a few times deep into your heart
  •     visualise the person, situation, thing, etc. sitting opposite you on a chair (for a thing or situation, find a symbol that can stand for it and place it on the chair)
  •     visualize a lying figure 8 in which white light flows; the two chairs are each in a loop of the 8 and this loop crosses exactly between you two
  •     now ask that you be shown all the connections between you and the other person that are not in a power of light and love
  •     what you see now can be all kinds of things ... chains, rubbers, sticky substances, tar, strings, etc. that connect you with the person opposite
  •     just perceive; do not judge
  •     now please Archangel Michael to come to your right side and sever the connections with his sword
  •     now please add archangel Raphael so that he heals any wounds on both sides so that no scars are left
  •     now say goodbye to the other person, in love and gratitude
  •     Thank you for everything you received and were allowed to learn
  •     declare your love, bless your counterpart
  •     "I honor my way and yours. I bless you and give you freedom to go your way"
  •     So be it. Amen.
  •     Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I wish us all a powerful, transformative time!