TimeStamp: Where do we live a lie?

June is a tough month. On June 6th, the moon was full and since then we are in a six-week phase in which six planets are retrograde. Kari Samuels wrote the day after the full moon: "Fasten your seat belts. The next six weeks will be one of the days with the most changes you will experience in your life. It will be a mind-expanding, eye-opening, heart-expanding and sometimes heart-breaking journey".

Well, I can only subscribe to that, and in a typical way the process began for me a little earlier, so that I could perform a powerful ritual at full moon, which helped me to let go of the old, so that space could be created for the new. The old were a series of themes that I thought I had long since dealt with. A rather succinct situation in my work not only took me back to childhood, but also revealed additional themes that I didn't know existed! It actually took me some time to digest and process this, but I was able to let it go with the full moon ritual, thank Goddess be praised.

Looking back, I realize that a very exciting thing that had happened before was instrumental in allowing me to uncover and say goodbye to an old wound I had never recognized before, and this is exactly why I am writing this entry.

The fact that we in our spiritual development towards higher consciousness always peel like an onion is not unknown in itself. But in this case it seems that to receive a new soul fragment set this process in motion, perhaps even made it possible in the first place.

Mid May I had unsuspectingly entered a channeling with a QHHT colleague of mine to get more information about my work. We had found that it is easier to channel when the other one asks the questions and is also able to hold a very high vibrating room. I was very excited and I was very curious what I would learn. I had no idea what would come :-)).

I quickly found myself in a sacred space and here I was given a soul fragment of a Feminine Ascended Master in a ceremony that can hardly be described with words. This had already been announced in a channeling a long time ago, but I had completely forgotten about it. It was an overwhelming experience, and even more ... it was totally exhausting. I will write a separate article on the subject of "Soul Fragments", but it should be mentioned briefly that this is not unusual at this time.

It took almost three weeks for my physical body to get used to the change in the light body structure. On the one hand I had strange symptoms and on the other hand I also had a certain inner resistance, because I knew instinctively that with this gift came a responsibility that affected my work. I was a little leveraged during this time and had a strong need to withdraw from everything and limit my contacts as much as possible.

And when I thought I was finally through, the theme from my childhood I previously mentioned came up and challenged me once again. Through the exchange with my guides and the Sophia Collective it became clear that the increasing vibration in my light body due to the new soul fragment had made it possible for the spotlight of my consciousness to illuminate this old theme! This and some other aspects are the reason for the exchange of soul fragments, which will play an important role in the ascension scenario of each individual in the time to come.

What I have experienced reflects very accurately the current quality of time, because as a result of the process I began to question things in my life that I had previously thought to be set in stone. Suddenly, everything was - and still is - called into question. The question of "what do I really, really want" and who or what wants to have their will here? up to "where do I actually live my truth" and "what do I have to do to show myself completely and authentically"? All these questions are directly related to the energies that are being stirred up right now by the cosmic constellations, solar storms and magnetic movements in the earth's interior.

My perception is that we are ultimately led to the question of where we live a lie. Where are we not ourselves ... where do we make compromises that are not good for us, so that others are better off ... where do we not speak out our truth and stand up for it ... where do we remain in situations that have not been useful to us for a long time, because we do not dare to take a step into the unknown?

A kind of late spring-cleaning on a spiritual level is imminent, which we cannot really escape.

And that's a good thing. It will only be painful if we resist - I am a prime example of this (!). If we allow it to run its course and prepare to be open to the future version of ourselves, it will become easier.

And if we can summon up the confidence that everything always happens for our highest good, then we can practice gratitude for everything that is, then there is a chance that we will sail through this time of challenges towards our paradise as if on a ship in the clouds.