Channeling: The Planet is all fired up.

 CHANNELING with Birgit Pulzer-Milalkovits
(machine translation of the original German text)

Yesterday, I received a heaped number of messages from friends and clients, all of which had to do with the heavy energy of yesterday. So I asked my friend Birgit Pulzer-Milalkovits for a channeling on this. Below you will find the transcript of the part of the session that directly dealt with yesterday.

Question: We would very much like to know what happened yesterday. Energetically, it was a very difficult day for many people in our environment and also for us. What was the reason that this day was so difficult for many?

Answer: There was a small earthquake in the center of the earth yesterday. The earth had to release many, many, many energies yesterday. It freed itself from its abuse. It has freed itself from much of its pollution. It has sent out waves and increased its energy level and the planet itself has risen. The frequency has been increased. We had to increase it, it was necessary because so many people did not go along.

Question: So it was a purely energetic thing yesterday?

Answer: We had to send a beam to the Earth to warm the core of the Earth, to increase the frequency to carry everyone along. You have to imagine it as a natural disaster, an invisible natural disaster. Imagine energetically high waves ... the sea reared up, it stormed, it rained, it thundered. The earth has broken up in certain places. It's all about release, always release. And sensitive people have felt it, have felt the pressure, have felt these massive forces that were released yesterday. The process is still going on, the earth is not yet completely flushed out.

Question: How much longer will the process continue?

The earth must recover. It wasn't easy for the planet either, to increase the energy so massively. The process will last for about 5 weeks, with the next 5 days still to be serious. You must think of it as human surgery. The operation is still going on. It will be healed, helped and in 5 days this massive process will be completed. Then it will take another four weeks for Earth to recover. Like rehab. And then the trees will be greener, the sea bluer, the air fresher, then the earth will go towards the sunshine.

Question: So it was really an externally induced process?

It was controlled by the higher levels. There is a council that watches over the earth, over all the inhabitants of the earth, all the people who are incarnated here or about to be incarnated here. And it was decided to massively increase the energy level. There was a lot of discussion, a lot of observation, a lot of discussion about it. There are many beings, around the Earth, who are accompanying this shift. Watching the Earth, watching, watching, what are people doing with this crisis. How are they dealing with this crisis. And there have not been many people who have drawn the right conclusions. So we had to add something. Another crisis would have destroyed the planet. We could not intervene on a physical level, we had to do it on an energetic level. Another physical crisis would not have survived the earth, it would have destroyed it. Then rulers would have come, would have allowed looting, would have completely ... yes, then the system would have got out of hand. So, everything would have been so crisis-ridden that many people would not have survived. It would have been like a third world war. We couldn't do that. It was clear that we could not have caused such a crisis a second time in such a short time. So we worked on the energy level and the commitment of this Council was to raise the energy level of the Earth massively. That means that this has forced people to go along. Forced.
And you feel right when you have felt attacked. Energetically speaking, we attacked you at a much higher frequency than was normally intended for you. But it was necessary to increase the vibrational frequency of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Question: Thank you for this information, it is very exciting. But why did it feel so dark for many of us? Does it have something to do with the fact that on a personal level we also let go a lot on yesterday?

Answer: We send you a lot of love and light. A lot of light. You have perceived the negative, the negative vibrations of your environment. Everything that was loosened and released yesterday was floating around in space like free matter, it pressed you down. You must imagine it like a cloud of dust in the desert. When a car drives by and kicks up dust, and you're standing in it. Then slowly the dust settles again.


Question: It sounds to me like we have super-sensitive people who can pick up so much that they can help us by activating the purple flame? To transform virtually everything that's floating around to a higher plane? Is my thinking in the right place?

Answer: No. Your task is not to transform anything. Your task is to go back to you completely. To take out all energies, no matter where they are, to be and trust that you are connected. It was important for you to go to the highest dimension, to go to the Divine, to go into the power of going fully into love and wait for that process to be completed on Earth. That is your task. Not to intervene in the events yourself, not to do anything. To stand in the cloud of dust, waiting for it to settle, to cleanse itself and to move on. To know that this dust will settle again. You lack confidence. You were immediately blown away. You have gone into fears, massive fears, the fear of the collective. That's what made yesterday so difficult for you.
Instead of trusting, trusting in the divine, trusting in the connection. Once you are in the connection, nothing can happen to you. And few people made it yesterday.

Question: Thank you for this info. Why did you choose yesterday, why did this event happen yesterday?

Answer: This Council of Earth, which is responsible for the earth, chose yesterday. We have no information about why it just happened in your time measured yesterday that this beam was sent to earth. This was decided by higher dimensions, but we cannot give any information as to whether this had a higher reason measured in human time. The Earth was certainly ripe for it.

Question: Okay. Who belongs to this council?

Answer: There is a leader, a very, very old light being, who very often incarnated as a tree on earth. Someone who knows the energy currents, who knows the crises. There is a lot of knowledge about the plant world, the animal world, about the system of planet Earth. He has studied every frequency, down to the smallest detail. His wisdom covers the whole system Earth. He has experienced it physically. And there are at least four other high light beings on each side next to him, his advisers, who help him. All of the advisors have also been incarnated on earth and have charged themselves with much violence, abuse, humiliation, to get to know the most negative corners of an earthly incarnation and to understand the most negative energies of the world. And this knowledge in its entirety, these experiences, these wisdoms, formed the Council. They watch over the earth and accompany the vibrations and the fifth dimension, and always decide for the highest good of the planet and its inhabitants.

Question: Do you have a kind of "outlook" for the coming weeks and months for the further process that is happening here right now?

Answer: Love. We send you so much love. Love again and again. Over the whole earth, over the land, the seas, all countries. The whole planet is wrapped in unconditional love.  We carry it, the earth. The whole planet is truly shaken. This is unique, it is new. The Earth has never experienced such an upliftment, never such a massive crisis, never with the means and technology that are possible today. All past crises have always been very regional, but this time the crisis is really global and it has spread very quickly all over the Earth and this has been unique to the Earth. There has never been a means of transport on this scale that has spread this virus so quickly across the world. It has not been easy, not even for the planet itself. It was a whole new experience.

Question: What does this mean for the inhabitants of the earth for the next weeks or months? Will it go on like this for a very long time?

Answer: The crisis itself, which was actually not a crisis, but a process of ascension, this has been overcome. There will be no further crisis (pandemic). There has never actually been this crisis in this form, it has been played to you as a monster, as bad energies, as an attack, as a global pandemic, but in truth there has been an undeniable disease that has affected some people. However, this one had previously made a contract to come into contact with this disease, to come into contact, to make themselves available and to learn. A very, very great merit from all those souls who were infected with this disease and who perhaps even left the earth for it. Of course this was decided before and it was therefore a great merit of these souls to make themselves available, to help the earth to make this change of dimension.

At this point I interjected that some time ago I was told by the Sophia Collective that until Pentecost - i.e. the end of this month - a lot will also change in the outside world and until then we are quasi "through" with this so-called crisis. This was confirmed.