The Sophia Collective: Hold the Light!

I would like to briefly summarize here what came through in two channelings in the past few days:

This is, from a divine perspective, a wonderful time on this planet. All souls who have incarnated at this time will be paid the highest tribute. The earth and the beings that live on it are going through a process of transformation that will change many things and bring about a new consciousness. This is of great power and it is important that we all allow this process to play out. Avoid directing your intentions against anything, against a virus, against fellow human beings who are not doing as you would like them to do, against politics or supposed other forces; instead direct your intention towards the Light and keep the big picture in mind. This phase in the history of mankind will initiate the Ascension into a New Age - there is no going back. Your task now is to hold the Light within you so that this process can take place as smoothly as possible. Stay in your heart and trust that all is well as it is. This is the most effective way to increase your own frequency and therefore the frequency of the planet. Of course things are happening right now that are causing uncertainty, but take all your courage and do not lose your faith that everything is going exactly according to a divine plan.

The things that are happening on Earth right now are an expression of a massive upliftment of the planet. Energetic storms from above (solar storms) are meeting with an increasing Schuhmann frequency and massive activity inside the earth. All this leads to tensions, and in some places Gaia has to let off steam, like in Croatia where she has been shaking. This will happen more frequently in the coming months. It is a natural process of the planet, and as a living being it must adapt to the new situation just as your bodies do. There will probably be other activities like earthquakes and tsunamis. But everything will also calm down again. Said virus that is circulating brings a strengthened immune system to many people and gives other souls the opportunity to leave the planet if it is not in their soul plan to spend the coming time on this planet. They are needed elsewhere. There is nothing wrong with this, on the contrary. The virus will be gone faster than it seems possible at the moment, and then the collective will move together towards the Golden Age. Look forward to a time of change. Many old structures will have to give way and make way for new, brighter ones. This worldwide "crisis" was important to become the spotlight on the weak points so that improvements can be made.

Change is not always easy, but it brings opportunities and unlocks unimagined potential. Fear not. You are never alone. The Cosmic Alliance stands by your side with all its power and will make the darkness give way to light. The first changes can already be felt ... feel them, connect with the new energy. Keep your hearts open and welcome the new time. You are loved so much. So. So much.