TimeStamp: Presence, Intention and Love

Beautiful Souls,

please bear with me as this is a machine translation of a post from my German website. I hope it is comprehensive and helpful nevertheless.

These are challenging times for all of us. While uncertainty and confusion create much fear in the collective, it is more important than ever for us to stay centered and focused on who and what we are. And as I write this, I myself experience on a daily basis how difficult this is! So I thought it might help to gather some useful ideas on how we can all better cope with these difficult times. I sincerely hope that this can help some of you

The first and most important goal at the moment is to stay away from the collective consciousness. For many of us who are intuitive empaths and super-sensitive, this is perhaps the most difficult of all. And when I say keep away, I mean both the 3D plane and the energetic plane. Here are some ideas on how this can be achieved:

3D pragmatics.

Limit your access to media to twice a day. In the morning and early evening, read facts or watch whatever you are interested in, but limit it to 10 minutes. Make it a rule not to expose yourself to these things after 8pm. And this doesn't even take into account that mainstream media cannot necessarily be trusted in these times - please remember that and look for alternative reporting.

Navigate your timeline on Facebook (and all other social media). Be aware of what you are getting at the moment. Observe yourself as you read and ask yourself, "Is this good for me or is it pulling me down? There is a snooze and unfollow function. Use them!

I can say from my own experience that it is NOT wise to enter into "rational and logical debates" with others. Refrain from trying to convince anyone of anything at this point. Those who know know know, and those who do not know are too afraid to think clearly and open their hearts. My personal suggestion is to send love from the heart to those who project their own fears onto others through recriminations, reproach or even pressure, and then remove them from the timeline.


Twice a day for at least 20-30 minutes. Use soothing music to calm your nervous system and open the heart. Keeping our heart open during this time is essential for us and the collective.

Keep your loved ones close. These are the ones who resonate with you on a level. Not those who call you only when they need help, but those who are on an equal footing with you in terms of (self) consciousness and the general idea of how to cope in these times. Don't be afraid to tell someone that you can't stand his/her energy at the moment. Set limits and keep them. The price you pay if you don't is far too high.

Energy-wise, your best protection is to stay in our power. I know, easier said than done. But that's really the key right now, and of course, all the things I mentioned earlier do matter. Keeping your energy high is the main concern here, and you do that through some of the above mentioned measures, of course, but also through some energy work.

Kundalini breathing and Merkaba meditation. The latter is very important.  These two practices are the key to strengthening your light body. Instructions for this can be found on Youtube.

For me personally the nights are the most challenging, so if you feel you need protection, install a golden-white pyramid of light around your bed before going to bed. Do this while standing in front of your bed, and imagine an inverted pyramid under the bed, its top reaching deep into the earth.

Similarly, after morning meditation, install a golden-white pyramid of light around your body and order that nothing below a frequency of 500 Hz enters it. Allow only that which comes to you in light and love and with the highest intentions.

Earth you. Make sure that you are energetically grounded. Visualize white tentacles of light that go deep into the earth and ask to be anchored there. You can do this after activating the Merkaba and before installing the protection pyramid.

Shower before bedtime and wash off the energies of the day and enjoy, if you have the opportunity, frequent sea salt baths to support the cells.

It helps to place orgonite near you. Wear a pendant or place a pyramid in your rooms.

Make sure you get enough rest and sleep.

SELF CARE is the most important key for us right now. We can only serve the whole if we are well aligned and take a good place in ourselves. You are your first priority at the moment!! Before you save your partner, your tribe or the world, take care of yourself and make sure that you are in a good place. Do what gives you pleasure. JOY works against fear. And if you can't bring yourself to do something stupid, watch a comedy. But don't forget to laugh. It also boosts your immune system. And, of course, self-care includes all the points mentioned above.

Stay present in the moment. This is important in order to stay connected to life. Look carefully and attentively at your own needs and at how your body reacts to what is happening around you, and take these clues seriously. They are your personal navigation system through this time. Being present with yourself also means paying attention to who you are dealing with and how much you get drawn into other people's stories - and making sure that you only get involved with others when you feel centered and strong (also in writing). Boundaries are one thing, but give yourself permission to step out in a situation that doesn't feel good - without explaining or apologizing. Trust yourself enough to take the advice you get seriously.

SHADOW WORK. In a time when darkness seems to dominate the outer levels, it is important that we take care of our own inner darkness. In this way we not only support our own growth, but also support the change in the collective.

Be aware of the dynamics that are happening right now and the energies that are buzzing around you. Both fear and love are magnetic. Do not expect to be stable during all this time. Ups and downs are normal for all of us. The key is not to freak out when you are down for a while. KNOW that it will pass and don't let it get you completely out of control. IT'LL PASS. Take the above steps or turn to someone you trust and know is better off right now than you are. When you contact someone, ask first: Do you feel good and strong enough to listen to my stuff? And if the answer is: "Not really", then don't get involved, because that will pull you down. Find someone who just swings higher than you do.

Form support groups with friends or neighbors. WhatsApp or Messenger with the intent of helping each other to stay afloat, not whining and not projecting onto others.

And of course GO INSIDE. The best place is inside. Not only to do shadow work, but generally to be with yourself. You will also find that the energies on the inner levels are quite light and alive at the moment. Use that for yourself... and then... RECHNE with a change. Dear Ones, this is not only a time of somehow coming through but also a time of massive creative potential. While the outer planes seem crazy, be aware that the inner planes are equally energized and bring us more clarity for ourselves and our lives. There is a great gift in all this. Two days before I wrote this, I was completely confused when I realized that there is so much lightness and joy on the inner planes right now, and I thought I was imagining it until Lee Harris released his mid-March energy update two hours later, which completely confirmed my feelings.

And finally...

LOVE OTHERS and LOVE Yourself. Love is above all. It is the greatest force in the universe.
Choose to have loving compassion for those who are afraid and for yourself. Fear separates, and love unites. We know that we must walk these paths together. Each one of us has chosen to be here at this time. None of us is here by chance! On the contrary, this is why we came here. It may not take the form and shape we hoped for, but it is here. The change of consciousness IS HERE, and there is no going back. The only option we have is to go forward, use all the tools we have collected along the way, and walk hand in hand through the uncertainty until the slows subside.