Love and Oneness ... Thoughts on the current situation

In this so-called crisis that triggered the ascension spiral in ways we couldn't possibly see coming, every one of us has been doing what the felt called to do. Some focused on spreading the Light. Some focused on spreading the Truth. Some focused on spreading information in a neutral fashion. Some focused on conscious witnessing. Some focused on spreading Love and hope.

For quite some time, my timeline on FB was quite a steady and predictable stable in my day (after I snoozed, unfollowed and unfriended those, whose negativity or sheepishness I simply could no longer stand). At some point, however, things began to shift and I began to see posts by my spiritual network that changed from pure love and light to critically challenging the status quo, disbelievers and those secretly pulling the strings in all this shit show we are in.

As time went on and the pressure of isolation and having to wear masks increased, I even watched myself wanting to hit the keyboard to put in my two cents here and there. Most of the time, those were the moments I took a break from social media for a few days, for I didn't want to be tempted. But it was hard.

During one of those breaks, something decisive happened within me. It was initiated by channeling The Sophia Collective, as so often, and it sure had a profound effect on how I saw things unfold. The Sophias, a group of ascended feminine master energies that include Gaia Sophia, Anna, Mary Madgalene, Isis, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary and at times Sekhmet, reminded me of something I had sort of kind of, uhhmm, lost sight of:

Love and Oneness consciousness will carry us into 5D but must happened NOW.

We all know we are well on our way to ascending into 5D, and we all know that the awareness ruling 5D is oneness consciousness. In 5th dimensional reality, there is no longer any separation. All is One, and we live, breathe and operate in the awareness that we are all intrinsically connected with one another and life itself. But … yes, but it's not like we ascend into 5D and there we are suddenly graced with 5D consciousness and then finding ourselves in the realization that we are all One.

Oneness consciousness is what carries us there, so it must be realized and firmly anchored into our system (aka, light bodies) before we get there. Without the awareness of oneness, there is no ascension. As long as we are still caught up in thoughts of separation, we aren't going anywhere, guys, much less into a place ruled by high frequencies. 

Let's remind us all again what oneness consciousness is … the awareness that all is One, stems from the same source and is interconnected. So, you and I are one and the same. We come from the same source and we are made of the same stuff, physically, energetically, etherically, electromagnetically, etc. and because of that we are eternally connected to one another. It's by cosmic law, as clearly stated in the Law of One.

And the same accounts for Gates, his foundation, his pans for the future of humanity, Zuckerberg, Youtube and censorship, state governments and vaccination agendas, pizza gaters and all the rest.

If we are to ascend into Oneness and leave separation behind, we must acknowledge that those forces are one with us and came to manifest as a result of past thoughts and energies. We must leave thoughts of villains, perpetrators and victims behind and rise above separatist consciousness to open our hearts in love to all that is, has been and will be.

No. Matter. What.

I know … believe me, my left finger came very close to hitting the "f…" before many of the nouns and names in the previous paragraphs. BUT it is the only way there is for us. We came here to hold the Light and raise the vibration on the planet to a level that would enable the shift to take place. We are there now. This is it. And to get to the next level, so this work can be finished and the ascension move into its final phase, we must remember who and what we are: Beings of unconditional Love and purest Light.

Love is the greatest power in the universe, and it is Love - and nothing but Love - that can push the frequency further and further up. It is up to us now to turn our hearts inside out - regardless of how fucking difficult it will be. It is THE WAY … it is the ONLY way!

We must remember that it is not on us to judge, and that only Love can heal all.