Sacred Journeys & QHHT

Are you ready to deep dive into your unconscious to uncover what has been holding you back and receive guidance from your Higher Self with the support of someone who has the capacity to hold Sacred Space for your transformation?   Are you ready to Rise To Your Light?

Soultalks Academy holds the space for several different services, all of which aim at supporting you in your journey to become wholly who you were always meant to be. Thus, the deeper purpose of everything offered through Soultalks is to help you uncover your own truth and path of healing and ultimately reach a place of self-love and sense of liberation from all that binds you. Click on each image for more detailed information.

QHHT after Dolores Cannon

Recorded Past Life Regression connecting with one's Higher Self to answer life questions, receive guidance and relief from physical ailments. 4-6 hours. 

Sacred Birthing   Journey

Recorded Sacred Journeys centering around an energetic transmission and the ascension process into birthing Sophia Christ Consciousness. 3-4 hours.

Sacred Journey Mentoring

Intuitively guided/partly channeled online mentoring sessions focusing on shadow work to find clarity and practical answers to current life situations. 50 min.


Free of charge mentoring for those experiencing burnout symptoms or already in the midst of a burnout.

1 Day Clarity Retreat

Find clarity, support and healing in an intensive 24-hr Sacred Space setting with guidance from the highest place within and without.

In choosing the right practitioner, you want to trust the gut feeling you have when you view their website, see a pic of them and/or when you hear their voice. The latter in particular is very important for hypnosis work! You want to be comfortable with your practitioner's voice. Having someone trying to put you into a trance state when their voice is giving you the creeps is not helpful and essentially a waste of your time and theirs. In the following recording of a short Sacred Journey you can get a sense of my voice and my energy. If you have any negative thoughts or feelings while listening to my voice, don't call :-)).