Petra is an intuitive channel, QHHT practitioner, certified Quantum Touch healer and coach with a shamanic background, whose mission is to assist Gaia and her inhabitants in the ascension process. She works with those who search for clarity in their life's journey and are willing to transcend their old selfs in order to move into the New Earth with purpose and ease. SOULTALKS holds the space for all services Petra offers in both English and German. 


Past Life Regression connecting with one's Higher Self to answer life questions, receive guidance and relief from physical ailments. Sessions are recorded and last 3-5 hours. 

Sacred space work

Intuitively guided sessions via Zoom or Skype for empaths and intuitives to find clarity and practical answers to current life situations. 1-2 hours.

1-day retreat "Clarity"

Need to find clarity about a particular aspect or area in your life? In one day and one night, we will work together to find answers to your questions and set you on the right path. Includes QHHT session, Sacred Space Work, and much more.

weekend retreat "Rebirth"

... coming soon ...