Are you ready to dive deep into your Unconscious to uncover the aspects of yourself that keep holding you back?  Are you ready to receive guidance from your own Higher Self for your life's journey? Are you ready to rise toward the true Light that you are? 

Recorded Past Life Regression connecting with one's Higher Self to answer life questions, receive guidance and relief from physical ailments. 4-6 hours. 

Recorded Sacred Journey centering around a Light Code transmission to support the birthing of a new consciousness. 4-6 hours.

Intuitively guided/partly channeled online mentoring sessions focusing on shadow work to find clarity & answers to current life situations. 50 min.

Free of charge mentoring for those experiencing burnout symptoms or already in the midst of a burnout.

Find clarity, support and healing in an intensive 24-hr Sacred Space setting with guidance from the highest place within and without.

The following is a pre-recorded Sacred Journey I used in a course I offered through the 12 Holy Nights to provide a sample of my voice and the way I work.